UNSMIL supports demands of Libyan students for an updated education

UNSMIL supports demands of Libyan students for an updated education

November 28, 2022 - 15:21
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The human rights team of the UN Support Mission in Libya has met with representatives of the General Union of Libyan Students, who called for an updated education system that meets their needs.

"Libyan students are struggling with an outdated education system, poor equipment, electricity shortages, and teacher strikes," UNSMIL tweeted on Sunday, underscoring that everyone has a right to education.

The UN mission explained that the meeting was part of a series of inclusive dialogues by UNSMIL’s human rights team to compile challenges and recommendations provided by the people of Libya, indicating that the outcomes will be forwarded to the government and the international community to ensure the centrality of human rights throughout the political process.

According to the mission, its teams have met with over 140 men and women from civil society, academia, experts, labourers, government, human rights defenders, and judicial actors during the past years to capture the voices of Libyans not often heard in the political dialogue.

The students' representatives called for better coordination between ministries of education, planning, and economy and demanded an education system that develops students to have the right skills for business, as they criticized the current "outdated" curriculum that produces students lacking the required skills to enter the employment market, according to the UN mission.

The UNSMIL disclosed plans to hold a digital dialogue with people across Libya on 8 December 2022, with the aim of capturing their voices on key human rights issues, as it put it.