The High Council of Wershiffana Tribes has slammed the Presidential Council as responsible for the killing and destruction in Al-Maya and on the coastal road caused by the Special Deterrent Force (SDF), which it said entered Al-Maya Sahara Bank and killed innocent people.

"Jafara security directorate is also to blame and it needs to immediately take legal action against those who committed extrajudicial killings at the bank." The council said in a statement on Thursday.

It called as well on the humanitarian and legal organizations to take the necessary measures to stop the crimes happening in the district.

"UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame must help protect civilians who underwent a crime against humanity in Al-Maya and the coastal road, where innocent Libyans were killed in a barbaric way, which stripped the Presidential Council and its forces of any ounce of wisdom they possess." Reads the statement.

Tripoli-based Special Deterrence Force (SDF) attacked on Wednesday the Sahara Bank in the coastal district of Al-Maya in Wershiffana, some 27 kilometers west of Tripoli, and killed commander of the armed group controlling the bank Buhamira Juwaida, who is a leader at the Tribes army, in addition to three clerks including a woman, according to Fursan Janzour Brigade official's statement.

The coastal road that links the western towns with Tripoli was closed due to the tensions as PC-loyal forces and Tribes army forces clashed in an attempt by the latter to retaliate for the bank operation.