The military council, municipality and social committee of Zintan have all expressed support for the efforts aimed at reconciliation with Misrata.

The military council of Zintan said on its Facebook page that it doesn’t recognize any statement issued by any party.

Meanwhile, the Zintan tribes’ elders council issued a statement on Sunday conditioning the reconciliation with Misrata with just terms with exclusion to militias’ commanders.

“The Zintan tribes’ elders council is not legitimate and all its statements don’t represent the city.” The joint statement of the Zintan military and municipal councils said.

A delegate representing the military and municipal councils of Misrata visited Zintan and met with several officials and elders in the hope of reaching a comprehensive reconciliation between the two cities, which make up the military might of west post-2011 Libya.

Since the fighting of 2014, relations between Zintan and Misrata have experienced a U-turn as the latter’s forces fought within Libya Dawn forces and the former’s forces fought for Dignity Operation. The 2014 conflict ended with the defeat of Zintan forces and their withdrawal to their district.