By Grand Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani

I would like to remind all the parties involved in the Libyan conflict, especially those who are at the forefront of the scene and are "supposedly" the ones deciding the country's destiny, that the past events should be an example and a lesson.

Since the fate of Libya has been entrusted to the United Nations and the international community, anyone who has participated in public affairs from politicians or other individuals must have come to the conclusion that after this harsh experience of the Skhirat project, in which we handed over the reins to the foreigner, the project was never for the welfare of Libya nor its stability, nor to the harmony between its people as they called for in their slogans.

Those who were part of the Skhirat project must - at least- reached the point that the international community and its ambassadors who moderated the Skhirat debate and were the ever-present figures in all sessions have turned their back on them and did not fulfill their promises, not just for what they hoped for their homeland, but even promises they took for their own benefit. All that warm welcome and honour they received, no longer exists, for it turned out for the use of signing ceremonies and in front of media, afterward, some found themselves on the shelves, their names are no longer mentioned by the ambassador nor listed in the slate of candidates for new posts, while others are still waiting! So neither the praise was gained ...... nor was the money maintained.

It is a lesson! Not only for those who are invited for a new round of dialogue, but for everyone who still believes that the project was implemented to bring stability to the country.

The United Nations is controlled by the great powers, which are intrinsically linked to world Zionism, therefore, it will have no sympathy for our situation, nor would it pay attention to our pain or the suffering of the vulnerable.

Through experience, the UN just made things worse by fueling up the conflict and separating us more than ever, it never sought for an agreement.

From the reality we live in today, the UN and its allies are not fighting terrorism, and I will adduce evidence and proof in the following:

- Did the United Nations feel for our situation while we were suffering successive calamities?

- After the Skhirat agreement, The dollar tripled leaving the employee with an average salary of $ 100!

- Cash disappeared from banks and services alike!

- People crowded in long rows for local - not foreign - currency and spent the nights in front of banks while thrown off the doors to further humiliate them!

- The United Nations knows that Haftar turned on legitimacy in February 2014, where the National General Congress was the only elected body in Libya at that time.

So who was supplying the illegitimate Haftar with money and arms?!

- The United Nations knows that stability will only be achieved by applying the law! And it is assumed that it came to this end, so everyone would be governed by law, but instead, it raised the slogan of law-breaking to inflame the conflict by rejecting the Supreme Court ruling, politicizing the issue, backing those outside the legitimacy and supporting the coup.

- It gave the green light to the foreign interference of the UAE, Saudi, Egyptian and national intervention.

- The financial corruption for purchasing influence, and the sowing of strife.

- The politicized, contradict, perverted Fatwa made by intelligence services, where it sometimes puts the election system contrary to faith but other times considers the board-elect as the Wali-Amr! Also it (Fatwa) has no hesitation in shedding the blood of scholars and innocent people.

When there was a chance for reconciliation between the Libyans without the UN's permission, in the meeting which brought together the presidency of the GNC and the Tobruk-based parliament in Malta and Oman, the international community and the United Nations turned their back; they directed one side of the parties to scuttle the task, and that's what happened. Is this the work of someone who wants reconciliation and stability in Libya?!

Derna is being besieged! The city which has a population of more than a hundred and twenty thousand, including children, women and elderly, are being denied from the necessities of life by Haftar in front of the UN and the international community. With no flour, no fuel, no medicine, and even the ICU patients are barred from reaching the neighbouring hospitals!!

Being the first city to defeat terrorism on its own, without any support from outside did not do Derna much, despite the high human cost they paid to win this battle. Instead, they were rewarded by siege, starvation, and deprivation. And before, was Ganfouda where families were forced to eat leaves and sip the salt of water. But the ones who laid siege on Derna are being rewarded with support and assistance and were well welcomed in western capitals, promising them with more backstopping. Haftar was the one who provided protection to ISIS to flee from Derna and Benghazi

Is there no free decent man from the dialogue committees - who sees the terrorism besieging an entire city in his country with the blessing of the international community - could announce the suspension of the dialogue, so as to lift the unjust siege on the people of Derna.

Or is it because those who were chosen for the dialogue committees still believe the lie of "Haftar is fighting terrorism”!"

The tale that made the city of Sabratha in the west fall into his hands and Benghazi in the east, while this lie is ready for use against opponents in all cities!

The international community is the first to know that Haftar never combated terrorism and this was confessed by them, for the former US ambassador to Libya clearly stated during her testimony before the congressional committees in her country that she has no knowledge of an effort for Haftar in fighting terrorism. Which testimony can be more direct and clearer than this?  


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer