Attracted by higher pay and better opportunities many talent Libyans leave to wealthier parts of the world for education and work experience, but some return, some do not.

The "Al-Mutaka" Centre for Strategic and Future Studies in Bani Walid held on Saturday a scientific conference to discuss this phenomenon "The immigration of Libyan educated abroad".

Academics from various Libyan universities, researchers, and other stakeholders came together in this conference to try to better understand this pool of talent residing abroad.

The conference shed light on the challenges facing this class in their homeland and the factors behind their departures, including the government's role in recognizing and containing this segment.

They advocated for developing strategies that focus on investing in people, including implementing programs that contribute to creating better opportunities and by offering competitive salaries.

The conference hosted by the Electronic Technology College of Bani Walid is the first of its kind in Libya to discuss this issue, presenting around 20 research papers, lectures, and proposals concerning this topic.