Al-Ahli Tripoli has enjoyed a crucial win over long-time rival Al-Ahli Benghazi 3-0 on Friday at Tarhouna stadium as part of the third round matches for the five-team round of the Libyan Soccer League.

The game saw some unsportsmanlike conduct at the minute 87, when the referee gave Al-Ahli Tripoli’s Ahmed Saleh a free kick and Mohammed Sola threw it in the empty bar as Al-Ahli Benghazi’s goalkeeper and defenders were getting ready to take position.

Moreover, at the last minutes of the match, Al-Ahli Benghazi players attacked the referee but were thwarted by their management staff. After that, the referee waited for 15 minutes (the official time) for the return of Al-Ahli Benghazi’s players to the pitch before deciding on their withdrawal from the match.

In the second five-team round match, Al-Sweihli beat Al-Naser 2-0 at Tripoli stadium.

Thus, Al-Ahli Benghazi has been left with two points from three matches and has gotten distanced from competing for the title alongside Al-Naser, which has only one point from three games.

Therefore, the competition narrows down now to three western region’s teams, Al-Ahli Tripoli, which is at the top with six points from two matches, Al-Sweihli with four points from two games and Al-Madina with three points from two games as well.