Al-Ittihad and Al-Tahadi football teams have qualified for the final of the quadruple round that will define Libya’s teams’ participation in this season’s CAF sports events.

Al-Itthihad beat Al-Ahli Benghazi 2-1 and Al-Tahadi won over Al-Ahli Tripoli, last season’s league champion holder, 2-0.

Salim Al-Tawerghi scored for Al-Tahadi twice at the minutes 68-85 at Emssaed Stadium in eastern Libya, giving his team a ticket to the CAF sports tournaments of this seasons.

Al-Ittihad beat Al-Ahli Benghazi 2-0 at Zuwara stadium in western Libya. Mohammed Tabbal scored for Al-Ittihad at the minute 13, while Abdullah Al-Arfi tied the score at the minute 54, then a penalty by Suhaib Bensaliman made Al-Ittihad winners.

On November 25, Al-Ittihad and Al-Tahadi will play the final of the quadruple round at Emssaed stadium, after which one will qualify for the CAF Championship League and the second for CAF Confederation Cup.