Al-Ittihad won three points as it opened the quartet round of the Libyan Soccer League 2-1 against Al-Ahli Benghazi on Thursday at Tripoli stadium.

Al-Ahli Benghazi scored first on penalty at the minute 54, yet four minutes later the Al-Ittihad tied the score from a penalty as well. Later in the game Al-Ittihad scored the winning goal by Ahmed Al-Tarbi.

Al-Ahli Tripoli, meanwhile, drew 1-1 with Al-Nasser at Benina stadium in Benghazi.

The second round will be held on Tuesday as Al-Ittihad plays Al-Ahli Tripoli in Misrata and AlAhli Benghazi plays the all-time contester Al-Nasser at Benina stadium in Benghazi.

Libyan Football Federation split the Libyan Soccer League to four groups so every top team of the four groups can qualify to the quartet round to play first and second leg matches so the team with most points can then hold the title of the 2017/2018 season.