The General Assembly of Libyan Football Federation elected Monday Jamal Al-Jaafari as the new Chairman of Libyan Football Federation (LFF).

The election race saw seven contestants competing for an absolute majority of votes. Lamin Biek and Salah Al-Awami withdrew from the race to make way for the remaining five contestants to face each other in the first round.

In the run-off voting, which was held in the eastern city of Tobruk, Anwar Al-Toshani, the current chairman of LFF, was the front-runner with 48 votes, while Jamal Al-Jaafari came second with 40 votes, but the result was not enough for Al-Toshani to declare victory.

The first two candidates had to run a second vote in which Al-Jaafari won 62 votes to defeat his competitor Anwar Al-Toshani who secured only 54 ones.

The General Assembly also elected Abdul-Hakim Al-Shilmani as First Deputy Chairman of LFF and Hussien Al-Morabt as Second Deputy.