The Head of media office of the Libyan Youth and Sports Authority, Hamza Al-Mahdawi, told The Libya Observer Saturday that they had welcomed the outcome of the meeting held by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to send a committee to visit Libyan stadiums ahead of possible lifting of the ban.

Al-Mahdawi said CAF voted Friday to speed up dispatching a committee to Libya to assess football stadiums, which CAF banned from hosting matches over six years ago due to lack of security, as a first step ahead of lifting the ban of hosting official CAF matches in the country. He expected that the visit is due in two weeks after all procedures are done.

The Youth and Sports Authority said in a statement that it would form a joint committee with the Libyan Football Federation to check on the security, communication and infrastructure of the stadiums ahead of the important visit to CAF.

The authority thanked the countries that voted for the visit of the CAF committee to Libya, expressing readiness to provide all the needed requirements of the committee members, saying the ban on stadiums had cost the state a lot of money and directly led to low performances by sports clubs in the country, especially in football.