The Libyan Football Federation (LFF) will convene the first meeting under the new administration headed by the new president, Jamal Al-Jaafari, next Saturday at its headquarters in Tripoli.

The new administration was elected last week in Tobruk city.

The meeting will establish a work plan for the LFF and the LFF's events in the coming years, let alone discussing the proposals and visions of the attendees of the upcoming meeting.

"Tasks will be given to each member of the LFF administration so that they can fix the issues remaining from the former administration." LFF's media office said.

The meeting will set a date for the new Libyan Soccer League season and the Libyan Super Cup match between Al-Ahli Tripoli and Al-Hilal.

In addition, the meeting is going to discuss using the assistance of foreign expertise in the LFF's events, the media office added.

The new president of the LFF vowed in his first statement to make sure the new league is very professional and of high competetion so that Libyan national team becomes more qualified and to make sure the ban on Libyan stadiums is lifted.