The Judicial Police have given the Libyan Football Federation (LFF), led by Abdulhakim Al-Shalmani, a deadline until next Thursday to vacate the federation's headquarters.

The action follows a Libyan judicial ruling regarding a complaint against the current administration of the football federation. The court declared the federation's elections, held two and a half years ago in March 2021 in Tobruk, null and void.

Shalmani refuses to comply with the judgment, arguing that it conflicts with the regulations of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), which prohibits governmental and judicial interference in the operations of sports federations.

The Libyan sports community is now preoccupied with ongoing talks about forming a steering committee to run the LFF for six months until new elections.

Shalmani's competitors, Anwar Al-Tashani and Ibrahim Shakeh filed a legal complaint that led to the judicial ruling. They alleged their exclusion from the elections and claimed there was manipulation in the voting process.