Human Rights Solidarity has documented 531 victims of violence in different Libyan areas from January to August 2017.

In a report issued on last Thursday, the human rights body said that abduction victims reached 55% out of the incidents, followed by 40 % in murder and assassination incidents.

The geographical distribution of the violent acts were reported as 57% in the eastern region, 25% in the western region and 18% in the southern one.

"This statistics doesn't include victims of the military conflicts in the country." The report said.

According to the report, 93% of the incidents took place in eight cities with Ajdabiya and Oil Crescent Region topping the list for 131 casualties, 121 cases of which were victims of Haftar-led arrests, while the remainder 7% of the incidents took place in 24 other cities and towns.

"83 victims were also documented in Benghazi – half of which were assassinated – and in Suluq there were 34 victims, including Ebrek Al-Louti’s assassination." The report says.

Ebrek Al-Louti was a major tribal leader of Awageer tribe.

While in Wershiffana, there were 65 cases, 58 of which were victims of abduction.

The report also highlighted that 45% (236 cases) have totally disappeared to join hundreds of victims of forced disappearance in Libya, whereas 149 cases (28%) were killed.

It also explained that the documented statistics includes abductions and murders for criminal and political ends from January 2017 and up until last August, explaining that they were all registered by official institutions and media, excluding the casualties of military conflicts.