Minister of Transport Mohamed Chahoubi has invited Tunisian companies to be part of the infrastructure development in Libya, saying that Libya's door will remain open for entrepreneurs and investors from the neighbouring country.

His remarks came during a meeting on Wednesday with the Tunisian Federation of Industry, Trade, and Handicrafts delegation, headed by Samir Majoul.

The meeting was joined by the President of the General Federation of Libyan Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Muhammad Al-Raidh, and the Tunisian Ambassador to Libya, Asaad Al-Ajili, according to a statement by the Tunisian Federation of Industry.

Chahoubi asserted Libya's desire for real economic integration with Tunisia and to address all obstacles to bilateral cooperation, praising the experience of Tunisian institutions in the field of roads, construction, and public works.

The two sides reviewed Libya's plan for developing infrastructure and roads, which fall within the competence of the Ministry of Transport, as minister Chahoubi stressed the importance of intensifying and improving air, sea, and land transport services.

For his part, Majoul said he sees genuine opportunities for joint action between Tunisia and Libya, including in heading together to Africa.

"The private sector on both sides are eager to take advantage of these opportunities and contribute to improving the infrastructure in the two countries, with the expertise and qualified human resources," Majoul said, as he underscored the need to unify efforts to achieve food, health, and energy security.

Meanwhile the participants from the institutions concerned with the construction and public works sector confirmed their keenness to contribute to the various projects programmed in Libya and called for providing favorable investment and business opportunities to achieve the desired goals.