PM-hospital officials

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah held a meeting on Sunday to address the conditions at the Al-Jala'a Hospital in Benghazi.

The meeting grouped the hospital's Director Muhammad Al-Abdali, Undersecretary of Health for Technical Affairs Samir Koko, the director of the Financial Affairs Department, the chairman of the hospital’s bidding Committee, the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, and the director of the Medical Supply Organization.

According to the Hakomitna platform, Al-Abdali gave a presentation highlighting the maintenance and development work being done at the Al-Jala'a Hospital, as well as the shortcomings affecting the quality of services provided.

Dbiebah instructed the Administrative Centers Development Agency to complete necessary maintenance and equipment work and for the Medical Supply Agency to provide the hospital with the necessary medical supplies to operate adequately.

Al-Jala'a Hospital, like other hospitals in Libya, is struggling to secure essential supplies. Recently, the hospital has had to rely on charitable agencies to meet its needs.