The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, said that "the Ministry of Interior’s men were able to arrest the suspects in the killing of Lieutenant Abdulsalam Abdullah al-Sinini, Director of Daher Al-Jabal Police Station."

This came hours after the Ministry of Interior announced the assassination of the director of the Daher Al-Jabal Police Station by outlaws, who shot him on Thursday, according to a statement issued by the ministry.

The Minister of Interior conducted a field tour of the security directorates of Yafran and Zintan and the headquarters of the two municipalities, in addition to a visit to the Rayayna Criminal Investigation Department and the Daher Al-Jabal Police Station.

The Minister also announced the launch of an operation to enforce security, designed to arrest criminals and outlaws, combat illegal immigration and drugs, prevent smuggling, impose security control, and promote visibility of security.