Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Ramadan Abu Janah, called for a "revolution" against the smuggling rings in the Fezzan district as he addressed a speech to the local population there on Friday.

 Abu Janah's speech focused on the fuel tanker explosion in Bint Bayah last week, which left dozens dead and many wounded.

He said the fuel tanker explosion was the result of years of marginalization and called on the people of Fezzan to take this opportunity and stand up to smugglers and criminals.

"The military forces bear a great responsibility to strike with an iron fist and confront all those who tamper with the security of the south and to prosecute those who caused the shortage of fuel supplies," Abu Janah added.

He vowed that the government would continue to supply fuel to fulfill the needs of the area and held the illicit traders accountable for the fuel shortage in the regions.

Abu Janah demanded that "fraud fuel stations" be closed as he urged military and security forces to take action against the owners of these illegal places.