The Presidential Council's Deputy Head Abdullah Al-Lafi said on Saturday that the positions of the Presidential Council are expressed in official statements that represent the entire membership, adding in a response to the statement issued by the consultative meeting in Cairo of Khalifa Haftar, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh, and Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi that as a member of the Presidential Council, he would like to clarify that he had no knowledge of the meeting that was held in Egypt, or what was proposed after that, except through media.

"Accordingly, the positions of the Presidential Council are expressed in official statements that are issued collectively in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Agreement." Al-Lafi added.

It is noteworthy that a meeting was held on Saturday evening in Cairo by Haftar, Menfi and Saleh, in the presence of the Head of the Egyptian Intelligence Service, Abbas Kamel, in order to coordinate positions regarding the invitation of the UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily to a meeting that includes the five main parties in Libya.

Those attending the Cairo meeting agreed, according to a statement issued by them, on the importance of the efforts led by the United Nations mission and the importance of supporting a balanced Libyan-Libyan solution in a way that achieves the aspirations and hopes of the Libyan people to hold simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections.

The attendees welcomed participation in the dialogue called for by the United Nations mission in Libya without excluding any party, provided that the reservations and demands of the attendees are taken into account. They called on the United Nations mission to find common ground to ensure the success of the dialogue.