The UN envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, called for developing a comprehensive mechanism to supervise recovery and reconstruction efforts in the flood-affected areas of eastern Libya, during a meeting with the head of the Presidential Council on Sunday.

On his X platform, Bathily said he reiterated his support to the High Financial Committee and proposed the establishment of an inclusive mechanism to oversee the recovery efforts, prioritize tasks, and ensure accountability, saying that this would help restore normalcy and enable people to resume their lives.

During the meeting, Bathily briefed Menfi on his observations from his recent visit to Derna, as he praised "the resilience of the Libyan people" and offered condolences on behalf of the United Nations team in Libya.

He called for the prompt unification of national institutions to ensure an effective response to the challenges facing the nation.

On Saturday, Bathily visited Derna with his deputy humanitarian coordinator, Georgette Gagnon, and several UN officials. He said the crisis is beyond Libya’s capacity to manage and goes beyond politics and borders.