The Libyan fencing team has been received by a crowd of Libyans at Mitiga Airport in Tripoli as they return from the world championship in the UAE. With the reception crowd, there were many attendees, including the Head of the General Fencing Federation, the Chargé d'Affairs of the Palestinian Embassy in Libya, Mohamed Rahal, the embassy staff, and Palestinian community council members.

The Libyan national fencing team refused to play against the "Israeli national team" in the Fencing World Cup.

The Chargé d'Affairs expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for the Libyan team's "Arab stance" on the Palestinian cause, pointing out that their behavior indicates that Palestine is still the number one issue for Arabs and Muslims.

"What the members of the Libyan national team have done is a source of pride for all of Palestine. It confirms that Palestine remains present in the hearts and eyes of the Libyan government and people, and that it is not strange for the people of Libya and their state to support Palestine and the Palestinian right to establish its independent state with Al-Quds as its capital." Rahal said.

The Libyan team and the Head of the Federation reiterated that Palestine is their first cause and that they would not stop their support for the Palestinian people until they get their freedom and liberate their country.

The fencing team indicated that despite the sanctions that will result from their withdrawal from the match against the Israeli national team, including lowering their international ranking or depriving them from playing in international matches for two years, they would not be deterred from supporting Palestine and its people.

"Normalization with the occupying country, whether by playing with it in international matches or other forms of normalization will not be OK for Libya and its people." The team indicated.