The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah instructed the Minister of Transportation to submit a full vision to be presented to the Council of Ministers to address the conditions of workers in the field of civil aviation and to develop a plan to reform the sector, Dbeibah's media office reported.

It said that Dbeibah's call came during an expanded meeting on Sunday with the Minister of Transportation, Mohammed Al-Shahoubi, and a various group of officials and airliners' representatives.

Al-Shahoubi said that 37 planes are either destroyed or in need of repairing, explaining that 15 planes of Libyan airlines and 8 planes of Afriqiyah airways were completely destroyed as a result of previous wars, while more than 14 planes are parked and need maintenance. He also said that a number of administrative and technical problems are hindering their return to the fleet. 

The media office indicated that Dbeibah had listened to all the reports and observations submitted by the companies and the difficulties they faced. He also followed up on the Civil Aviation Authority’s plan for the digital transformation project, which will last for 10 months, aiming to re-issue air transport certificates, qualify civil aviation inspectors, and establish a database and operations center, given that these measures would contribute to lifting the ban on Libyan airports.

Dbeibah also stressed the need to support the private sector in all fields, including aviation, and to pay attention to all workers in the sector, urging for presenting the necessary recommendations to develop practical and effective solutions to solve aviation problems, reiterating that activating seven local airports is a good step in the interest of airports authority. He stressed the need to work on making them internationally operational.