The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said Sirte and Jufra cities in Libya are a red line for Egypt's security, adding that his country won't allow the Government of National Accord of Libya to cross the red line.

Sisi added Saturday in an address to Egyptian Army forces on the border with Libya that his country was willing to arm Libyan tribes and train Libyan youths to defend their land.

He also said that Libya won't settle as long as "armed militias" are present there, saying Egyptian forces will intervene in Libya alongside Libyan tribes to get the job done and then leave.

"Some countries are supporting terrorist militias and fueling war in Libya. A ceasefire must hold now in Libya, or else any intervention by Egypt in the country will be legitimate as per international laws." Sisi said, adding that his country's army is one of the strongest in the region and can defend Egypt's national security inside and outside the borders.

Egypt has been intervening in Libya for over six years by providing Haftar with political and military support, let alone carrying out airstrikes in Benghazi, Derna and Tripoli in support of Haftar's forces.

Meanwhile, many Egyptian opposition figures ridiculed the Egyptian regime for the announcements of the death of soldiers in Sinai at the time of Tripoli offensive, which they say have stopped after the fighting has ended.