Elections, constitution and unity of state institutions will be Al-Sirraj's agenda in Palermo Conference on Libya

Elections, constitution and unity of state institutions will be Al-Sirraj's agenda in Palermo Conference on Libya

October 31, 2018 - 21:05
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Spokesperson of Presidential Council chairman, Mohammed Sallak

The spokesman for Fayez Al-Sirraj - Head of the Libyan Presidential Council - Mohammed El Sallak said in a presser on Wednesday that Al-Sirraj will reiterate at Palermo Conference the necessity of going to elections in Libya and approving a constitutional basis for them.

El Sallak said that Al-Sirraj will also stress the need for ending division in state institutions and will call on the international community to help in uniting the country's institutions.

"Al-Sirraj will be also talking at Palermo Conference about the need to pursue in security arrangements and economic reforms." El Sallak added.

Palermo Conference is scheduled on November 12-13.

On Friday, Al-Sirraj was in Rome discussing with the Italian Prime Minister the upcoming international event that is supposed to come out with some vital results for the stability of Libya.

Instability in South Libya

El Sallak also said that Al-Sirraj appointed a governmental delegation to visit the southern region and start resolving the issues in there, whether the ones related to security or to services.

The delegation will be formed of deputy head of the Presidential Council Abdelsalam Kajaman, PC member Ahmed Hamza, and ministers of local governing, social affairs, labor as well as several officials from other ministries and fields.

The south has been hit by a wave of turmoil and fighting and just less than two days ago a checkpoint in Al-Fuqahaa district was attacked by ISIS, leaving four killed and 8 kidnapped.

The region had been also the battlefield for clashes with Chadian rebel groups.

Unity of Military Institutions

The spokesman of Al-Sirraj also touched upon the strategic need for unifying the military institution, adding that negotiations were still ongoing, thanking Egypt for its efforts in that regard.

Over the last week, Cairo hosted meetings for Libyan figures and military officials for the aim of reaching an agreement to unify the Libyan military institution under the auspices of the Egyptian committee tasked with tackling Libyan issues. No official agreement has been reached.