The Information Office of Mitiga International Airport has announced that flights to and from the airport resumed to normal as of noon today.

The Information Office announced earlier that all flights were to be stopped suddenly until further notice, indicating that there was no transfer of flights to Misrata airport or any other airport.

Sources confirmed that air traffic was stopped due to an unexpected gunfire with small and medium weapons near the headquarters of the Special Deterrence Force, which is located inside to the airport.

The source of the gunfire was from the district of Ghararat, which is situated south of the airport. The airport administration decided to temporarily stop all flights until calm was restored in the area for the safety of passengers and aircraft crews.

The district of the Ghararat has seen rising tensions since last night, with armed clashes between fighters of the Special Deterrence Force against militants from the district. 

Eyewitnesses confirmed that a number of Ghararat residents closed off the streets leading to their district with sand barriers as armed clashes took place at dawn.

The Special Deterrence Force stormed Ghararat and arrested a notorious drug dealer last night. A large exchange of gunfire ensued between the attacking force and the drug dealers, leading to a spillover at the airport and considerable tension that continued until noon today. Calm has now prevailed in the area, sources confirmed.