Libya Coast Guard intercepted a German rigid-hulled inflatable boat in the Libyan territorial waters on Friday.

The spokesman of the Libyan Navy, Brigadier Ayoub Qasim told the Libya Observer that the boat was intercepted off Libya’s Zawia shore and two German nationals were arrested on board. One of them was identified as Dittmar Christian Kania while the second was not identified.

“The boat belongs to the German Sea-Eye organisation and it has violated the Libyan waters without prior permission.” Qasim said.

He pointed out that the boat entered the Libyan waters from Tunisia and refused the warning calls of Libya Coast Guard to stop.

“The boat attempted to escape but the Coast Guard fired warning shots into the air which forced the boat to surrender,” Qasim added.

The two Germans are still in custody at Libya Coast Guard for questioning. Qasim said some EU authorities have contacted them immediately, but they refused to deal with them and urged them to get in touch with the Libyan foreign ministry.

Sea-Eye is an organisation of volunteers who cruise the Mediterranean in an attempt to rescue as many people as possible by calling help.