The spokesman for the Government of National Unity (GNU) Mohammed Hammouda said the rejection toward the Libya-Turkey memoranda of understanding (MoUs) by Egypt and Greece was a defiance to the will of Libyans to have peace.

"The Repetition of the reference to the expiration of the political agreement is an intervention in domestic affairs, which we reject and consider a willingness to create a vacuum and return to war. The Egyptian Foreign Minister ignored the positions of the United Nations and the international community on the agreements, but he needs to know that we do not accept compromising the rights of the Libyan people and the Libyan state in the eastern Mediterranean." Hammouda added in a press statement on Monday.

Hammouda indicated that it is no longer useful to question the legitimacy of the Government of National Unity, adding that local and international political reality is now discussing the chances of going to elections, which is supported by the GNU.

"There is a European consensus on the importance of Libya's stability, and we do not believe that Cairo's individual position will affect it. We are surprised that the position of a neighboring country is contrary to the international position in support of stability in Libya. We advise the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to have more political vitality to confront the rapid developments in the Libyan issue, and we reiterate that the legitimacy of the GNU is determined by the Libyan people only." Hammouda added.