The spokesman for Khalifa Haftar's forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, announced at dawn on Tuesday the deployment of a battalion from Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade in Sabha, south Libya, to secure it based on the instructions of the commander of the Southern Operations Force.

Al-Mismari said on his Facebook page that this comes in light of securing the city of Sabha and its surroundings, according to the plan to secure the southwest region.

Last Thursday, officers affiliated with Haftar held a meeting in Ubari to discuss the security situation in the southern region, as well as securing border areas and crossings.

Al-Mismari attended last week a meeting with a number of commanders of military and security units in Sabha and said that the leaders of the participating units had confirmed their full readiness to implement the orders of military operations issued by Haftar's General Command.

Al-Mismari indicated that those meetings aimed to "achieve the principle of cooperation between them according to the areas of responsibility specified for each unit, and in order to unify efforts to monitor the region, especially on the borders with neighboring countries, as well as exchanging information and arranging reconnaissance and surveillance procedures."

Al-Mismari did not refer to the accelerating events on the border with Chad, but observers believed that the movements of Haftar's forces in the south were a response to the tension in the region after the Chadian army bombed last Wednesday the Chadian opposition camps in southern Libya, causing deaths and injuries.

On Friday, the Chadian armed opposition announced end of ceasefire agreement with the Chadian government on its side, vowing to respond on a large scale, pointing to the ground military movements carried out by the Chadian army on the border with Libya.

Later, a member of the Chadian Armed Opposition Movement, Mohamed Cherif Jakou, revealed that about 200 four-wheel drive vehicles of the Chadian army forces moved under French air cover towards Libyan territory.

Jako said that those forces crossed the border to meet the Chadian opposition inside Libyan territory, denouncing the violation of the borders of neighboring countries, especially Libya, and considering that this was a violation of the United Nations charters.