The Front for Change and Concord rebel group in Chad (FACT) has announced an end to a ceasefire it declared in 2021 with the Chadian army.

In a statement Friday, the group accused the ruling military council of bombing its base in an attack on Wednesday that it said had left four people killed and three injured. 

"The military junta in power... has just declared war on us," it said.

“In view of the silence of the international community, the military council is also preparing to penetrate Libyan territory to attack our rear base in order to silence any opposition voice,” the group added, stressing that its reaction "will be quick and unrestrained."

The group's announcement comes days after a suspected air attack targeted the positions of the Chadian militant rebel group "The Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic" (CCMCR) based in Libya.

The were no reports confirming whether the drone responsible for the bombing was operated by Chad or France.