Chad's President Mahmat Deby said Tibesti state - border area with Libya and Niger - needed more vigilance, urging forces in the region to play a more viable part in helping security and defense forces to protect the border, people and properties. 

Deby's arrival at the border coincided with the eruption of clashes between Chadian army forces and rebel fighters from FACT, which were barricaded in Libyan territory. 

Meanwhile, Khalifa Haftar's forces started last Friday a military operation in south Libya to "expel foreign armed groups on border with Chad," as the forces' spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari said their aircraft carried out strikes on groups using Libyan territory to launch attacks on neighboring countries. 

Al-Mismari justified the launching of this operation by saying that "the political and security tension that Libya's neighboring countries are going through has contributed to the weakness of the ability of those countries to control their borders, which clearly helps the movement of terrorist cells and criminal groups."

On August 19, FACT announced the death of three of its fighters and the injury of four others as a result of an airstrike on their base, saying the raids were launched by the Chadian army on one of their strongholds in Libyan territory.