Haftar's militias are triggering clashes in Murzuq, government says

Haftar's militias are triggering clashes in Murzuq, government says

July 11, 2019 - 22:10
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Presidential Council (PC) has stated that the insurrectionist forces which came from Al-Rajma - in reference to Haftar's militias- had provoked tribal conflicts in Murzuq, south Libya, by spreading sedition among its people.

A statement released by the PC on Thursday condemned the hostile acts committed by Haftar's militias against the local people, holding the forces that claim control over the city and the southern region, the responsibility for such practices.

It also called on the United Nations Mission in Libya and the international community to investigate these acts to hold the perpetrators and those behind them accountable.

"The PC had made efforts to establish social peace between the social and cultural components of the southern region, however, the efforts were hampered by sedition acts committed by Haftar's forces," the PC added.

Many were killed in Murzuq as a result of the clashes that break out from time to time amongst its community since the entry of Haftar's forces to the town about months ago.

Haftar's militias had supported the opponents of the Tabu tribe in the region, causing huge social fracture between the tribes, according to local sources.