Hamas political bureau member Muhammad Nazal has urged authorities in Libya to release Palestinian detainees in their prisons.

Nazal told The Libya Observer in an interview on Monday that the time has come to release the Palestinians detained "under the pretext" of smuggling weapons to Hamas.

He urged the authorities to view the initiative from a humanitarian and moral dimension related to supporting the Palestinian people.

A Palestinian resistant should not be detained in a revolutionary country like Libya, with which we share fraternal, humanitarian, moral, and national relations, he said.

Nazal held the Israeli forces responsible for the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip, saying that they were punishing the popular incubator in Gaza for standing behind the Palestinian resistance movements.

The Israelis are "targeting hospitals, health centres, schools, mosques, and homes of defenceless people, but the Palestinian people are steadfast and solid, he said as he threatened the occupying forces with a crushing defeat.

The official revealed that many states have tried to talk them into releasing the Israeli prisoners without conditions.

"I regret that talks were not about a process of negotiation or exchange, but rather what is required of Hamas is to release these prisoners for nothing, which the movement rejects.

Nazal said the occupation is leading a conspiracy to displace the residents of Gaza to Egypt or the southern parts of the Strip under the cover of humanitarian corridors or safe areas, underscoring that all Palestinian factions remain unified against these displacement attempts.

He made it clear that the Palestinian people "will not allow a new migration" after their displacement in 1948 and 1967.

Resistance and resilience are the only ways to confront "this Zionist colonial settlement project," Nazal insists.

At another level, Hamas's member urged the Arab and Islamic nations to have effective and influential stands "to make up" for the positions of their official governments, as he urged the Palestinians in the refugee camps and diaspora to break the borders and walls and support their brothers in Gaza.

Hailing the resistance fighters, Nazal highlighted that despite the mismatch between the two forces, the Palestinian fighters managed to inflict a shock defeat on the Israeli "invincible army," a victory that would remain in the annals of history, as he put it.

The official said that Netanyahu is in a difficult situation after suffering a hard blow on October 7 when asked about the group's response to Netanyahu's threats to end the resistance movements in Gaza.

Four Palestinians, including a father and son, were arrested in Libya in 2016 following the takeover of Fayez Al-Sarraj's government in Tripoli.

The detainees are believed to be Hamas members who had resided in Libya for years, targeted by the RADA Force, which runs a prison in Matiga Airport.

A Libyan court on February 19 issued sentences between 17 and 22 years of prison to the detainees - who include businesspeople and students - over their alleged formation of a secret organization, possessing and smuggling weapons, and conspiring against state security.

Hamas denounced the ruling against the four Palestinians, who it said came to Libya to study and make a living, stressing that their first and foremost concern is for their land to be liberated and to return to their homeland.