The Second Criminal Court Circuit of the Libyan Supreme Court issued a ruling halting the implementation of previous sentence against Hamas prisoners in Libya, who were sentenced to imprisonment for several years, according to what was reported by the Registrar of the Court, Ramzi Al-Mishri, who added that this new ruling required the release of Hamas prisoners until the case final verdict was reached. The court also postponed the ruling in the case until 30 November.

The Cassation Prosecution referred documents to the relevant authorities regarding the release of Hamas prisoners in Libya.

In February 2019, the Tripoli Criminal Court issued prison sentences against four Hamas members: Marwan Al-Ashqar, who ran a technological devices company in Tripoli for years, and his son Baraa, in addition to Muayyad Abed, and Nasib Shabir, all of whom studied in Libyan universities and worked in the same company.

The four men were apprehended on charges of “disclosing secrets related to the security of the Libyan state and sending reports that harm the national security of the country.”

Earlier, Mohammed Nazzal, a member of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, called on the authorities in Libya to release the four men who were jailed by the Special Deterrence Force on charges of spying for Hamas, denouncing that a country with strong relations with the Palestinians, such as Libya, would imprison Palestinian nationals.

Nazzal said in a statement to the Libya Observer newspaper that the time has come for the Libyan authorities to take this step, as it should leave a humanitarian impact in supporting the Palestinian people.