The Chairman and members of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) and heads of technical departments discussed on Sunday the final version of the draft executive regulations for the election of municipal councils, in implementation of Article No.2 of Law No.20 about transferring the competence of managing and implementing the election of municipal councils to the HNEC.

The meeting in Tripoli saw the presence of experts from the UN mission dealt with several technical issues related to the system for electing members of municipal councils, the distribution of seats according to the population census of each municipality, and the share of women and persons with disabilities.

The attendees also discussed the issue of linking the general and local elections and the possibilities as well as alternatives available for holding these elections simultaneously in order to save time, public funds and effort.

The meeting also saw a confirmation of taking into account the technical observations received from the competent departments, working as soon as possible to issue the executive regulations, and developing the necessary executive plans to resume the elections of municipal councils.

The House of Representatives issued Law No.20 of 2023 for transferring the competence of managing and implementing municipal council elections to the HNEC, after it was one of the competences of the Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections.