HoR members urge for no-fly zone in southern Libya

HoR members urge for no-fly zone in southern Libya

April 08, 2017 - 19:31
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Several members of the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk have called for an immediate no-fly zone in southern Libya.

"There should be a no-fly zone resolution that can protect the civilians and to ban all parties from using warplanes in the southern region." The members urged in a statement on Friday.

The statement also called for a swift and quick ceasefire in Timnahent district, adding that all the forces that engaged in recent clashes in there must return to their locations to avoid military escalation.

"An operations room, that would contain military and police personnel from the south to secure the military institutions and the state civil institutions as well, should be formed." The statement indicates.

The HoR members also shouldered the parties that started off the fight around the Timnahent airbase the legal and moral responsibility of any damaged that had happened.

"We call on the local and international legal organizations to monitor the violations that have been made against civilians and to bring the perpetrators to Libyan and international courts." The statement adds.

Last Wednesday, Dignity Operation fighter aircraft started bombing locations around Tamnihent airbase in the southern city of Sabha.

Jamal Al-Treki, the Third Force's commander, who also confirmed that the force's fighters engaged in heavy clashes with Pro-Haftar armed groups led by Mohammed Ben Nayel - a staunch follower of Khalifa Haftar.

Later, the Operations Room of the Presidential Council's air force disclosed that their warplanes responded to the air attacks of Dignity Operation on the Third Force locations and the air force personnel in Timnahent air base by two airstrikes targeting the warplanes of the Haftar-led Dignity Operation that are positioned in Barak Al-Sahtea airbase.