The Libyan Designated Interior Minister Emad Al-Trabelsi reviewed to an Italian security delegation the security plans issued by the Ministry of Interior related to the file of illegal immigration and the repercussions resulting from it.

The Italian delegation, which met Al-Trabelsi at the headquarters of the Department of Relations and Cooperation in Tripoli, included officials from the Ministry of the Interior, the Commander-in-Chief of the Police, the Director of the Immigration Department, and a number of officials.

The Ministry of the Interior said that Al-Trabelsi confirmed the formation of a committee working on implementing the plan, after he discussed with the Italian side the prospects for joint security cooperation between Libya and Italy and the exchange of visions and strategies on combating the phenomenon of illegal immigration as it is an issue that goes beyond the national level to the regional and international ones.

The Ministry of the Interior added that the meeting, during which words were exchanged between the heads of agencies and departments in the ministry with their counterparts from the Italian side, noting that the words were in their entirety compatible to serve the common interest.

It indicated that the Italian delegation agreed with the Libyan side to form a similar team in preparation for holding a technical meeting between the two sides that would enhance joint cooperation and activate bilateral work between the two countries, especially on illegal immigration.