Libyan Crimes Watch (LCW) called on Khalifa Haftar's forces to immediately release kidnapped photographer Mansour Atti, who has been detained by the Haftar's Ajdabiya-based forces for seven months.

LCW added Tuesday that Haftar's forces had been refusing to comment on the detention and the whereabouts of Atti, who is said to be at Al-Rajma prison near Benghazi, according to recent information.

Three cars stopped by Atti's car near Libyan Red Crescent office and abducted him in June 2021.

Atti is the Head of Ajdabiya office of the Red Crescent as well as the Head of the city's Civil Society Commission. He produced the third season of Libyan dark comedy series "Shatt Al-Huriya" (The Beach of Freedom) that presented lots of ridicule at the political and security situations in the country, especially in eastern Libya, thus angering Haftar's staunch supporters.