Libya denounces the Holy Quran burning by an extremist in Sweden, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday.

A statement by the ministry said that these acts represent a clear contradiction with international efforts seeking to spread the values of tolerance, moderation, and rejection of extremism, and undermine the mutual respect for relations between peoples and states.

The ministry expressed surprise over the silence of the Swedish government towards these acts, calling it to take clear measures against the perpetrators.

“Allowing these anti-Islam acts under the pretext of freedom of expression is unacceptable, and turning a blind eye to the repetition of such heinous acts means complicity with them”, read the statement.

On the first day of Eid al-Adha, a man burned a copy of the Holy Quran outside Stockholm’s central mosque under police protection following a green light from a Swedish court, sparking outrage in the Islamic world.