The Libyan Envoy to the United Nations, Ibrahim Dabbashi defended the outgoing UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, saying that The Guardian leaks clearly show that he is versed in the complications of the Libyan situation as well as committed to the UN rules and resistant to the pressure put on him by powerful countries.

In an article published on his official facebook account on Monday, Dabbashi, a pro-Tobruk parliament diplomat, accused the British Intelligence Agency (MI6) of being behind the leaks published by The Guardian.

“The Guardian is so close to the British intelligence agencies and Leon’s message is definitely leaked by no one other than the MI6. It was not aimed at defaming Leon, but at sending a message to his successor Martin Kobler implying a hint for him to go back in the dialogue process to the first stage and carry out MI5 plans, which had been already refused by Leon as he was committed to the UN and UN Security Council points of view that regarded the HoR in Tobruk the only legitimate authority in Libya.” Dabbashi elaborated.

He added that “the assault on Leon” is driven by the difference between the US, the UK, and the EU visions for their strategy in Libya, on one hand, and Leon’s efforts to disintegrate Libya Dawn and shatter the alliance between the Islamists and Misrata, on the other hand, in addition to pushing the armed groups out of the cities and creating a national unity government of moderate figures from both parties.

Dabbashi concluded by saying that the leaks reaffirm the doubts floating inside the minds of the Libyan intellectuals about the murky intentions of the UK and the US especially their lack of seriousness regarding fighting terrorism and their desire for the continuation of chaos in Libya until their citizens of Libyan origins seize the opportunity to rule Libya or the states that would emerge out of the division in Libya.

Former head of UNSMIL Tarek Mitri responded to Dabbashi's article describing it as mere lies.