The High Council of State (HCS) called in an extraordinary session Thursday for cutting ties with countries that support the "Zionist entity," Israel, stopping the export of gas and oil to them, boycotting their products, and suspending dealing with their ambassadors until the brutal aggression against Gaza is stopped.

The HCS members discussed "what the Zionist entity is committing against the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, including killing, forced displacement, genocide, cutting off water and electricity, and preventing the arrival of food and medical supplies," stressing the support of the Libyan people for Palestine until their lands are liberated from the brutal occupation." 

The members discussed ways to provide and deliver urgent humanitarian and medical aid to the residents of Gaza, as the member of the HCS, Amina Al-Mahjoub,  said in a statement to the Fawasel media platform that “Thursday's council session discussed the situation in the Gaza Strip and included taking a set of decisions that were agreed upon by all members of the council.” She said all the members agreed on the decision unanimously, adding that they had reviewed the needs of Gaza residents and necessity of opening border crossings for humanitarian and medical aids. 

The HCS members called for the formation of a joint Arab-Islamic military force by Muslim countries to enter Gaza to protect civilians and stop the escalation of the situation internationally, calling on the Arab countries to stop dealing with the Zionist entity.