The first meeting of municipalities of Libya was held in Tripoli on Sunday to push for a greater role in local governance.

More than 60 mayors, almost from western and southern Libya, reviewed law 59 about local governance and demanded more power to provide services to local residents. They also discussed the role of municipalities in the national reconciliation efforts and rebuilding police and army institutions.

The meeting, held under the theme “Libya gathers us,” was attended by Prime Minister of UN-installed government Fayaz Sirraj, First Deputy President of High Council of State Saleh Makhzoum and Chief of UN Mission in Libya Martin Kobler.

There were concerns about the forced dismissals of the eastern mayors by Dignity Operation. In a press conference following the meeting, Martin Kobler said the dismissals would be raised in Paris meeting, slated for tomorrow.

“We will not allow jumping on municipalities under any security or political reason, the mayors are directly elected by the people,” Sirraj said in the press conference.