The Libyan Red Crescent volunteers of Al-Zawiya office interfered as an impartial party in the clashes that took place in Janzour and Sayad districts, west of Tripoli, to retrieve the bodies that were left after the fight between armed groups from Wershiffana and Fursan Janzour Brigade.

The Libyan Red Crescent said it had interfered based on a request by the two parties of the fight, adding that it managed to successfully swap bodies between the two clashing sides.

The Libyan Red Crescent did not speak about the number of bodies from both sides.

“We’ve started giving hand to alleviate the clashes since last Friday and our volunteers remained in Al-Zahra area till 3.00 am on Saturday.” It added.

The member of the elders and notables council of Tarhouna, Abdelrahim Al-Berki, explained that they had contacted Janzour and Wershiffana counterparts about the fight that is still ongoing since last Thursday, stressing that they agreed on a ceasefire to open the door for a dialogue to establish a common denominator between the two parties leading to resolving the issue.

On Saturday, clashes renewed in Sayad district, 20 km to the west of the capital, between Fursan Janzour Brigade and armed groups of the so-called Tribes Army.

The Clashes were then followed by a random shelling on Janzour district, leading the education bureau to suspend studies in schools on Sunday and Monday.

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