The Libyan Fatwa House has expressed sadness for the "terrorist attacks on Muslims" in two New Zealand mosques, where tens were killed and others injured as they were praying.

The Fatwa House added in a statement on Saturday that the terrorist attack was not an individual act or an act of an insane person, rather it was driven by the culture of hatred and violence fueled by western thinkers to target Islam and Muslims.

It also said that the New Zealand attacks came as part of a string of attacks targeting Muslims in the western world and this kind of behavior is part of the war on Islam.

"The attacks were sophisticated by the weapons, the slogans and the motive chosen by the perpetrator, which says a lot about the fact that such an act is well organized and could be repeated in the western world and thus endangers the lives of Muslims in there." The Fatwa House added.

"We are afraid that such a terror act could trigger peace-destroying reactions if added to it the way the Muslims are treated in the western world and the double standards system they are suffering from." The Fatwa House remarked.

It added that their democracy is based on citizenship away from religion, but if the targeted community was Muslims, then the religion come into play and the history books get fetched off the shelves.

The Fatwa House said some of the western leaders have denied Syrian refugees entry to their countries fearing for the "purity of Christianity" and others use the logic of "The Crusades" when they tackle such situations.

"We ask the Muslim leaders to assume their responsibilities in protecting Muslims and their properties across the world." The Fatwa House added.