The Libyan Interior Ministry has opened an urgent investigation into the attack of gunmen on Presidential Council's government headquarters in Tripoli, which took place last week.

In a statement on Monday, the Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha instructed security forces to arrest anyone involved in such outlaw incidents.

Bashagha said any armed group that advocates for and makes chaos to achieve its goals and further its own private agenda by force poses threat to national security just like terrorist groups.

"Interior Ministry apparatuses will work tirelessly in coordination with judiciary and security departments to bring to justice anyone or any entity threatening state and civilians' security." The statement reads.

Last week, a protest was held in front of the Presidential Council's headquarters in Tripoli. The protest developed to verbal disputes and then gunshots were heard in an attempt by protesters to storm into the headquarters by force, however; they failed after the Presidential Council's security guards interfered.