Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita has said his country is against creating a vacuum in Libya by discrediting institutions as he reiterated his government's position towards a realistic and practical solution to the Libyan crisis.

In an interview with France 24, Bourita said that the European vision was built on the fact that the December 24 elections were the key to resolving everything.

"Libya has a specific context, and the goal is to resolve the question of legitimacy without destabilizing Libya," Bourita said, stressing the need to achieve balance to move towards elections without creating chaos.

He said it is possible to organize international conferences in Europe and other places and come up with "recipes", but the challenge is, will such recipes fit the Libyan context?, Bourita asks.

He pointed out that the existing institutions allow, at least today, the Libyan state to continue its work and prepare for future elections, which remains a goal in Libya but not an end in itself because the most important thing is to restore Libya's stability, as he put it.