31 political parties have voiced support for the Libyan people's recent protests, calling for respecting the people's will and saying that they are closely following the developments of the political deadlock and the people's stance that has been reiterated in public squares across the country rejecting the continuation of the bodies that no longer have legitimacy.

They called for respecting the desire of millions of voters who want the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible, saying the House of Representatives and High Council of State have the legal and historical responsibility for the failure to approve a constitutional basis and agree on a date for elections. 

The parties rejected all negative international interventions and reiterated the need for a unified government that supervises elections. They rejected international mechanisms that desire a role in managing Libyan revenues, urging for raising the capabilities of those who manage Libyan funds and revenues and ending the ongoing corruption in all institutions.

The 31 parties urged the Libyan Presidential Council to take up its responsibilities and live up to its promises of holding general elections to fulfill the Libyan people's aspirations.