Officials from Tripoli's Abu Salim Municipality met on Wednesday with their counterparts from Misrata to ease tension between their affiliated brigades in the capital.

Both parties condemned acts of identity-based abduction and highway closure as a result of the tension between Abu Salim Brigade and the Interim Room for Tripoli Security and Protection, made up mainly of Misrata brigades.

Abu Salim Brigade freed the arrested Misratans, who were seized on the highway, and agreed to end the tension.

The tension was triggered on Tuesday when the IRTSP stormed a villa in Al-Hadba district and released six hostages, who were seized by Abu Salim Brigade. The reason of their seizure was not revealed.

Abu Salim Brigade closed the highway and seized around 54 citizens of Misrata origins, in retaliation for the IRTSP operation.

Today, Abu Salim Brigade, also known as the Joint Deterrence and Quick Intervention Force, announced in a statement that reconciliation with Misrata brigades has been reached.

The highway was reopened and life returned to normal.