The Misratan MP of House of Representatives Mohammed Al-Raied has deplored the recent statement of rogue General Khalifa Haftar in which he claimed that Libya would be better served by a leader with high-level military experience.

Al-Raied described on Thursday the statement as a personal opinion of Khalifa Haftar, saying the statement reflects his imagination to rule Libya by force.

"We will never accept the return of military rule in Libya again as in Egypt," he stressed, adding that he (Al-Raied) backs the establishment of police and army institutions and unifying them under one command in Libya.

"Let's assume we want a military governor and that Libya needs a strong leader, we will never accept a controversial figure who has a long history in coups, chaos and instability," Al-Raied said.

He underscored that Haftar acts as if he is the only savior of Libya, stressing that controversial military figures must vanish from the Libyan scene.

In a statement to the AP on Wednesday, renegade Khalifa Haftar presented himself as the ideal savior of Libya, claiming that military people who were elected to lead their country achieved remarkable success, in reference to his Egyptian icon, dictator Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi.