Mitiga airport in Libya’s capital Tripoli was hit by shelling on Wednesday. No injuries were reported.

Amid no claim of responsibility, Special Deterrent Force (SDF) accused Brigade 33 of Tajoura district of being behind the attack.

“Artillery shells fell on the airport and hit Libyan Airlines plane Airbus 320, leaving material damage at the arrivals’ lounge.” The head of the SDF media office, Ahmed Salim, said.

Salim pointed fingers at Brigade 33, which in last January clashed with SDF around the airport.

“We condemn the repetitive shelling of Mitiga airport and the surrounding areas.” Souq Jumua municipality, members of House of Representatives and High Council of State from Souq Jumua and members of High Council of Reconciliation of Greater Tripoli said in a joint statement.

They called on the Presidential Council to deter such acts and called on the security apparatuses in Tripoli, and in Souq Jumua as well as Tajoura, in particular, to identify the attackers and bring them to justice, urging the elders of the two districts to cooperate with security departments so stability and security can prevail.

Meanwhile, Tajoura elders responded to the joint statement by referring to the SDF behavior toward Brigade 33 members and revolutionaries as well as residents of areas surrounding the airport of Mitiga, adding that they reject the SDF’s presence in a civilian airport, accusing it of committing violations of human rights inside its detentions.

“SDF has not responded to the efforts for reconciliation. Not before and not now.” The Tajoura elders’ statement explained.

It added that the detainees at the SDF prisons are being tortured without being tried in court, saying some of them had release orders but the SDF rejected them, pointing out that SDF arrested another person last week within Tajoura’s administrative borders, not to mention other reckless behavior by the SDF personnel.

“We all should resolve the conflicts through courts and we are ready in Tajoura for cooperation for peace and security.” It remarked.