Social media activists circulated news sources from western Libya saying that unidentified aircraft carried out airstrikes on Al-Watiya airbase early on Sunday without causing any casualties.

The sources said Western Mountain region residents had heard aircraft flying over Al-Watiya before the strikes hit the airbase, saying southern region residents also heard warplanes, which could mean that they had taken off from a foreign airbase in Mali.

The sources added that the airstrikes hit military equipment brought lately to the airbase, including an anti-aircraft system.

Meanwhile, a flight tracker and analyst Twitter account by the name of “Gerjon” reveled activities of private jets from Cairo Airport to Habata Airport on the borders between Egypt and Libya.

The Twitter account said the Habata Airport had added spaces for airplanes and that it had depicted two aircraft taking off from Sweihan airbase in the UAE and landing in Sidi Barani on the Libyan-Egyptian border.

Grejon indicated that the identities of the two aircraft by putting Kazakhstan’s flag on one of them and Ukraine’s on the other.

The flight tracker and analyst added that another flight took off from Damascus Airport in Syria and arrived in Benghazi’s airport.