One day after seizing Al-Watiya airbase, Volcano of Rage Operation of the Government of National Accord (GNA) captured Tuesday morning the towns of Badr and Tiji without clashes amid warm welcome by the locals after Khalifa Haftar's forces had pulled out.

The capture of the two towns comes after negotiations by dignitaries of the two districts and from Al-Asaba town so that they can return under the control of the legitimate authorities in Libya and end the suffering of the displaced people.

Sources from the western military zone said the negotiations in Badr and Tiji towns were very quick and successful, while the negotiations in Al-Asaba failed in the last minute as the town's elders couldn't convince Haftar's loyalists who retreated from some frontlines to leave the town.

Meanwhile, the region has been seeing mobilization of forces as the deadline given to the town's elders to hand authority of the town to GNA is closing by.